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Trim Healthy Mama

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Trim Healthy Mama No More Fads! A Common Sense Guide To Satisfy Your Cravings And Energize Your Life. By Pearl Barrett & Serene Allison. For Women Of All Ages And Stages! Over 250 Recipes, Proven Ways to Lose Weight, How to Balance your Hormones, How to Re-fire your Metabolism, Make your Skin Glow, Ignite Marriage Intimacy, Simple but Effective Exercise Plan. (for Pregnant Mothers too!) Answers for Postmenopausal Women.

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3 Responses to “Trim Healthy Mama”
  1. D. S. Brewer "Green Mountain Man" says:
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    Trim Healthy Mama, October 28, 2012

    Hello, I’m Vienna. Scott’s wife, and I’m not big on diet fads, and rarely if ever have the attention span to even embark on reading about them, but after finding the authors on Facebook, I was intrigued by their recipes and food pictures. I purchased this book only a week ago, but dove in to the food preparation while I was still reading. They have some great dessert names: Fat Stripping Frappa, Tummy Tucking ice Cream, Slim Belly Jelly, and Lemon Mousse. . The Skinny Chocolate is fun to make and tastes just the like hardening syrup you pour on ice cream.

    Their premise is that our societly is overloaded with carbohydrates so they reccomend eliminating sugar from your diet, and a lot of grains including wheat. Stevia is their sugar substitute. I’m not big on artificial sweeteners, and Stevia has never been an option for me because of it’s odd bitter aftertaste, but they have several recommendations for brands of Stevia that have overcome this drawback. I still don’t like the odd flavor, but seem to be getting used to it after a week without sugar.

    The recipes are doable. I was able to start immediately from with what I had in the pantry. If you have meat, frozen vegtables, canned tomatoes or fresh, salad, oatmeal, cheese, cream, greek yogurt and butter, just about anything, you can at least get started with their plan. There is a lot of suggestions for adapting the eating for families. snacks and tricks to handle hunger when you’ve been running errands, and an encouraging tone that you don’t have to do everything perfectly. (At least Pearl says so.) Like adding different sides to meet growing children’s needs. You don’t have to wear yourself out preparing multiple meals for the family and for you.

    Mainly I’m writing this because I now have recipes for all those freaky weird ingredients I see in the health food store. I find myself saying, “Oh that’s what that does?” I suppose my science geek side is coming out, but watching glucomannan turn water into pudding is facinating. Don’t worry, there’s other stuff in it, sweetener, and flavoring, but it is munchie busting! If you can afford some of the ingredients for their desserts you won’t be sorry. And they have a lot of frugal advice on how to obtain these preferred ingredients. They also have main food recipes, and all kinds of ways to prepare eggs.

    Read the plan section thoroughly so you know what the S and E plans mean. Yes there is food combining, but it’s not the kind you probably already know about. At least I didn’t. They do have lots of recipes, but they’re not written in a formal way. “Pinches”, “splashes”, “dashes”, and “sprinkles” of ingredients, are interspersed in the directions.

    After the plan is a “life advice” section. Everything from hormones and sex to exercise, and keeping it real. They have little cartoons with “laugh out loud” captions interspersed here and there. It is a fun and easy read. Finally, I would say their five years of hard work was worth it. I look forward to ammending this review in a few months, or years to write down my progress .

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  2. Sarah says:
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    Changed my Life, December 15, 2012

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    After having eight children, I was carrying around a few extra pounds. I started reading this book 2 months ago, and my life has changed! I’ve lost 20 pounds and I’m nearing my goal weight already! It’s not a diet book. It’s a way of life. I feel as though I’ll never have to worry about my weight again. What a blessing! The tips for skin, intimacy, hormones, exercise, etc have all been encouraging. I cooked for my mother when she came to visit for a few days and she called me and said, “I lost five pounds while I was at your house! You have to get me that book.” So I did and now she has also lost 20 pounds and counting. If you are willing to make some changes, I highly recommend this book.

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  3. szan18 says:
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    Excellent Resource for Great Health, November 8, 2012
    szan18 (USA) –

    Ok, so I have to admit that I have probably read every book on dieting/healthy eating that has ever been published. I bought Trim and Healthy Mama out of curiosity because I was intrigued about what two Christian stay-at-home-mothers had to share about healthy living–especially in a 500+ page book–and without having a science/nutritional degree between them. I am so glad I did and I believe this will be the last “diet” book I will ever purchase. I’ve been following the eating guidelines for only a week and have already lost a few pounds (without feeling deprived). I’ve also been sleeping better and have been headache-free for the last few days as well. I’m sure that cutting out most of the sugar in my diet has been the reason for all of the above. Now, let me make it clear that I am a sugar fiend. I have an enormous sweet tooth but thanks to the authors’ recommendation to swap Truvia/Stevia for regular table sugar, making the change has been very easy. In fact, I’m amazed at how easy it has been. There is NO deprivation on this eating plan!

    That said, the eating plan does require items that can be a bit pricey to purchase in the beginning such as Glucomannan powder (order this online since it’s really hard to find in stores in anything other than capsule form), protein powders, coconut oil, etc. However, I’m finding that after the first pocketbook sting, most the products will last quite awhile. And let’s be honest here…spending a bit more on products that will help improve your health ends up costing a lot less than obesity related health problems down the line. The authors also mention ways you can find the products for a lot less money than just relying on your local overpriced health food store.

    For those of you that aren’t Christian, you’ll find the faith undertones in this book very low-key. It’s obvious their faith is a cornerstone of their lives and has had a huge influence on their eating and lifestyle but it’s really mentioned in quite a lovely, interwoven way that I can’t imagine anyone having an issue with it.

    The only complaint, and it’s a small one, is that I wish they would have listed the page # of a recipe when they mentioned it within another recipe in the book. Instead, they only mention the chapter it’s in which still requires you to flip back to the index to locate it. Just a tiny complaint but it would have been nice to have the actual page mentioned.

    I highly recommend this book and am very glad I purchased it!

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